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Our philosophy is one of mentoring students so that they are able to achieve their diving goals. Class schedules are flexible to accommodate our students’ busy, active lives.

Whether you want to dive to 30 feet (10 meters) or to 330 feet (100 meters), whether you want to dive in warm or in cold water, whether you want to dive on reefs or on wrecks, whether you want public safety rescue training, or scientific and research diver training: we can teach you how to get there, accomplish your goals, and – more importantly – how to get safely back.

We also teach diving medicine courses, including Basic Life Support (First Aid and CPR) that are helpful both above- and underwater. DAN

Bernie Chowdhury has been teaching since 1988 and holds instructor certifications from various agencies. He teaches all courses from beginner through all level of open circuit (standard scuba) Technical Diving [click here for Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ – about technical diving] up to and including Advanced Trimix (to 330 feet / 100 meters) and Advanced Wreck Diving (Penetration). Bernie is a popular and engaging speaker who has been featured at diving conferences, dive clubs, and dive shops; he has made diving presentations in 8 countries. Bernie is widely published: he is best known for his internationally top-selling book, The Last Dive (HarperCollins Publishers, non fiction, 2000), which has been released in 11 languages, plus audio and e-book versions; it is still in print. He has also organized/led/participated in ground-breaking expeditions in both wreck diving and cave diving.

Angelo Dragone has been teaching since 1998 and has instructor certifications from various agencies. His has been a Course Director, teaching Open Water Scuba Diving Instructors, since 2008. Angelo has also been an Associate Member of the Public Safety Dive Team & Special Training Consultant, Sullivan County, NY. During the dive season, he dives 4-5 times a week in the Delaware River, NY.

Between them, Bernie and Angelo have certified hundreds of divers.

These certifications include Recreational (beginning -- Open Water -- diver, through Recreational Diving Instructor) and Technical Diving (Introduction to Technical Diving thru Advanced Trimix Diver).

We also offer training in Scientific and Research Diving, which we do with Associate Professor Nasreen S Haque, Ph.D. (New York Medical College). Dr. Haque is a biologist and a certified diver with on-going underwater exploration projects.

Alpha Dive Training also offers local and overseas dive trips, as well as organizing, leading and / or participating in expeditions.

Other services that we offer include: Speaking; Product Development; Search and Recovery; Expedition Consulting; Book and Article Writing and Consulting.