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Testimonials from Dive Show and Club Organizers for
Bernie Chowdhury’s Speaking Services

    “Bernie Chowdhury's professional manor, candor, and knowledge of the subject, coupled with his entertaining style of communication, provided one of the finest presentations we have ever experienced in our eighteen year history. He impacts his audience with an educational lesson that will never be forgotten. I highly recommend ‘Safety First: Lessons from The Last Dive!’”

    • Joyce Hayward, Event Chairperson, Bay Area Divers, Ohio


    I know Bernie Chowdhury personally as being an excellent author, speaker, and publisher and a wonderful influence in the world of diving; he has taken the industry to exciting new levels, yes, world-wide. His work over the years have been varied and exciting for new divers, old salts, and even non-divers. I know he will continue his efforts at attracting new people to the sport, as well as keeping current divers enthused and informed.

    • Armand Zigahn, Executive Director, Beneath the Sea, Inc, NJ


    “Perhaps the most telling evidence of Bernie Chowdhury’s skill as a presenter was that very rare occurrence – he spoke to a soundless room, followed by thunderous applause.
    Interest shown during the question period following the presentation was one of the highest in Shipwrecks history. I was impressed with the open and respectful responses to the many questions he fielded.
    Each of our 500 attendees is asked to fill in a feedback form. We listened to these comments — Bernie’s back with a new presentation for Shipwrecks 2003.”

    • Barbara Marshal, Past-President – Shipwrecks 2003 Committee, Niagara Divers Association


    “Bernie Chowdhury was always one of our most popular and effective teachers. He continues to draw a crowd at his special lectures, and they love his presentations.
    Bernie has an excellent understanding of the industry from an instructional standpoint ….”

    • Peter Hearn, Co-owner, Pan Aqua Diving, Inc., NY, NY


    “Bernie is an excellent public speaker and presenter, someone who has a natural charisma and charm, and a flair for dramatic and engaging story-telling. As part of the publicity tour for his nonfiction book The Last Dive Bernie made nearly 30 presentations to audiences large and small from cozy bookstore anterooms to large college auditoriums. He’s a won­derful speaker, and a dream author.”

    • Dan Conaway, Executive Editor, HarperCollins Publishers


    “During our tenure with the Charlotte, NC chapter of HammerHeads, the international dive club, we had the pleasure of hosting Bernie Chowdhury, who presented his talk entitled ‘Safety First: Lessons from The Last Dive.’
    We speak for the entire club when we say that we were thrilled from start to finish. Bernie’s presence at our club event produced an audience two and a half times the size of any other event before or since. The logistics were handled with ease, and Bernie’s approach was one of approachability and professionalism all wrapped up in one! He is a fine man, a terrific speaker, and an important force in the international diving community.”

    • Jim Seifert and Nancy Brown, Pas-President and Secretary, Charlotte Hammerheads Dive Club


    “Bernie held us spellbound for a full half hour with his account of the fateful “last dive” — we let the questions run over the usual time limit because so many Club members were so intrigued. The book-signing line was as long as I can ever recall – and I’ve never seen the normally blase waiters buy books before! All in all, Bernie’s appearance was a resounding success.”

    • Tom Bisky, Dutch Treat Club, Manhattan


    “In our year-end evaluation of the many programs we sponsored over the past year, “Safety First: Lessons from The Last Dive” stands out above the rest.”

    • R. Douglas Shaw, Executive Director, Long Island Maritime Museum, NY


    “I’ve seen hundreds of presentations all over the country.  When I know Bernie Chowdhury is going to speak at a show, I always look forward to seeing and hearing him.  His visuals are interesting, his topics are most certainly not run-of-the-mill, and his down-to-earth manner makes technical subjects understandable.  He is well-respected by audiences and never fails to deliver a great show.  Bernie Chowdhury is a class act.”

    • Joan Forsberg, Chairperson – Shipwreck Presentation Room, Our World Underwater dive show, Chicago, IL


    “If you were considering scheduling a dynamic and captivating speaker for any programs or events with your organization, club, or group, I would recommend that you add Mr. Bernie Chowdhury to your schedule.  Mr. Chowdhury has lectured here at The Explorers Club on several occasions to a packed house each time.”

    • Stephen D. Nagiewitz, Former Executive Director, The Explorers Club, NY, NY


    Testimonials from other Speakers for Bernie Chowdhury’s Speaking

    “Bernie's genuine warmth combined with excellent speaking skills, and tremendous in-depth knowledge of the human psyche, makes his speaking engagements a pleasure. Bernie is recognized for "making it happen," and this, coupled with his entertaining style of delivery, promises a great experience. And just perhaps, by sharing his personal experiences and those of the Rouse family in the The Last Dive, others "pushing the edge of the envelope" will do so in a more thoughtful manner.”

    • David Trotter, Shipwreck Hunter, Discoverer, Explorer, and Speaker


    “After presenting with Bernie Chowdhury across the country, we have noted that he is a highly sought after speaker, often packing the house. Bernie is a powerful and dynamic story-teller, captivating any audience with his enthusiasm, knowledge, and love for diving.”

    • Jim and Pat Stayer, Authors, Documentary Film-Makers, Speakers


    “Bernie Chowdhury fuels his excellent presentations with the spirit of adventure, the demeanor of experience, the diction of a knowledgeable gentleman, and the control of an iron judge rendering a powerful decision.  He persuades his audiences as much as he entertains them.”

    • Cris Kohl, Historian, Author, and Speaker


    “Bernie is one of the most engaging speakers that we have ever had the good fortune to hear.  His blend of story telling, humor, and lessons for life make for great entertainment.  In addition, his in-depth knowledge of scuba diving and other topics combine for a wonderful learning experience.  Featuring him as the main speaker at our event spurred attendance and made it a success.”

    • Kim D. Parker and Tom Rhoad, Great Lakes Shipwreck Festival